Housing in demand on the Eastern Costa del Sol

The Costa del Sol is one of the areas of our geography where the demand for housing is the highest.

Its climate, its lifestyle, its services, the hospitality of its inhabitants… makes both foreigners and citizens from all over Spain choose this area to live or as a second residence.

But what type of housing is most in demand? It is clear that everything will depend on the needs of each person and their circumstances, as well as the type of life they lead. But in general, and if there is something that Salsa Inmobiliaria buyers ask for, it is terraces to enjoy the tranquility, the climate and the proximity to the sea of their developments.

After the pandemic, where we all had to stay locked up at home, the demand for homes with spaces open to the outside and that allowed sunlight to enter was what was most valued by buyers. The “fashion” of closing terraces from 10 years ago to have larger houses has been supplanted by the preference for open spaces and outdoor areas.

Regarding the orientation, south or southwest and if you can… sea views! What we want is to be able to enjoy that feeling of freedom that the Mediterranean provides.

Preferences and needs have changed for some time now as lifestyle has also changed. That is why the family buyer demands 3 bedrooms and two bathrooms, as well as an open kitchen integrated into the living room or dining room to be able to enjoy the company while cooking and common areas to have an outdoor space where they can continue enjoying family and friends.

The younger public requests two-bedroom homes, focused on an initial investment that is more adjusted to their income. 1-bedroom homes are the least in demand, since for a small higher investment they can access a home with two bedrooms that will be better amortized and when reselling it has a much larger audience.

If we are aware of something at Salsa Inmobiliaria, it is our commitment to the environment and sustainability as developers. We develop sustainable houses not only because of our commitment, but also because we are all increasingly aware that we must leave future generations with a less polluted planet and because of the energy savings that come with having a more efficient and sustainable home.

To this end, our developments are generally equipped with aerothermal systems for the production of domestic hot water by extracting the environmental energy contained in the air through a thermodynamic cycle, and in the vast majority of our developments we also use aerothermal energy for cold/warm air conditioning of the homes. Its advantages, both for our customers and for the environment as it is considered clean energy, are varied: mainly lower electricity consumption and energy savings that directly affect the owners’ pockets.

The quality of the enclosures and double glazing provides superior comfort, thermally and acoustically isolating the home from the outside, avoiding noise and air conditioning leaks. This is another feature that, in addition to saving energy, reduces electricity bills.

Another very important point to highlight in the sustainability of our homes is the incorporation of photovoltaic solar panels that are installed on the roof. With the energy generated through these panels, the electricity demand of all common areas is largely covered, such as elevators, pool motors, garage doors, lighting, etc. This positions our promotions as type A energy efficiency. And it reduces community expenses, resulting in more savings in the community fee for the owners. In addition, our parking spaces have pre-installation of a charging point for electric vehicles, which makes it easier for the owner to install the necessary supports for the installation that allows the electric charging of vehicles.

With respect to the common areas, the garden spaces, parking, swimming pool and recreation area are the main requests of our clients, to which we must add spaces intended for storage, such as storage rooms, and in some cases community parking areas bicycles, or community recreation gyms, barbecue…

At Salsa Inmobiliaria we work to offer homes adapted to the needs of our clients, complying with quality and sustainability standards and of course taking advantage of that plus of location that is having a home on the Eastern Costa del Sol, near the sea and with one of the best climates in Europe.

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