Group Structure

Salsa Inmobiliaria is part of Grupo Sociedad Azucarera Larios, a corporate group created by the Gutiérrez-Maturana-Larios family as a holding company, consisting of the different companies that independently carried out their activities and which currently make up a sound, stable group that performs quality activities.

Adapted to the new times

Grupo Sociedad Azucarera Larios’s business model has evolved into an open, corporate, sustainable and innovative model, able to adapt continuously to ever-changing conditions. Flexibility and efficiency define the steps to be followed to actively participate in the same business trend change processes that, over the past years, have made it necessary for businesses to be committed to ongoing reinvention.

Quality management & unity

Therefore, the brands Salsa Inmobiliaria, Salsa Patrimonio and Salsa Agrícola, benchmarks of quality, prestige and international projection, are the trademarks that group the companies together according to their business activity.