Corporate Responsibility & Strategy

Sociedad Azucarera Larios Inmobiliaria S.L. (Salsa Inmobiliaria) has focused its strategic plan on a long-term sustainable real estate business model, with a prudent debt and investment policy for developing its real estate projects..

  • Sale of the development properties to national and international markets.
  • Opening up to the international market for marketing and undertaking of new projects.
  • Development of new projects with a clear creation of value.

Corporate Responsibility

The active participation in the generation of economic development and growth is very important for Grupo Sociedad Azucarera Larios directing its activities at generating a positive impact, assuming the responsibility for social and environmental aspects of the different business activities in which it engages.

A quality policy that aims our work at our clients’ satisfaction through the implementation of processes and services to achieve high standards of trust, security and health.

With a transparent and reliable ethical conduct to strengthen the company’s reputation and future.

Where people come firsts

The motivation of our human team, encouraging communication among all the levels of the organization. Ongoing training and pursuit of excellence as pillars for both team and personal self-accomplishment, with continuous innovation and incorporation of new technologies, we promote ongoing improvements to achieve maximum quality based on social welfare and profitability criteria.

We care for the environment

With sustainable development and environmental policies optimizing natural resources, we are committed to seeking the compliance of our business strategies with the preservation of the environment.